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“Our aim is to strengthen and justify brand image of Vedant Equip Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd. and its associated eight principle product. We provide a total engineering solution to our valued customers. To us profitability means to get repeat orders from the customers and this is only possible by providing them the quality services and the product up to their satisfaction. Though we know that the definition of satisfaction changes frequently from customers to customers, we at Vedant will always try to serve their needs.”
Vikas D. Toke – Managing Director

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Mission

About Us

Vedant Equip Sales & Services Pvt Ltd, a major trading organisation providing total engineering solutions in India and abroad, We offer complete technical guidance for selection of products, suggestion on import substitution and selection of equivalents & servicing of all the products.We are associated with following major manufacturers.

  • Atlas Copco
  • Demag
  • CG Power
  • Foseco
  • Premium Tranmission Ltd
  • Shell
  • Thermax
  • Quaker Houghton
  • Being a globally recognized company established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure
  • Re-defining the standards of ‘customer service’ by exceeding customer expectations
  • Being admired for our business values and ethics
  • Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation.
  • Being the “preferred choice” both for customers, suppliers and employees
  • Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies and employees who are willing to reach their dreams
  • Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs
  • Ensuring attentive, effective and proactive customer service and personalized attention to customers
  • Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers
  • Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the market
  • Achieving profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics

Honesty & Integrity: Vedant will be true to itself and its Principals, Customers, Employees, Business Partners and Suppliers.

Partner & Nurture: Vedant will always take ownership for its actions and truly be integrated with all its stake holders.

Transparency: Vedant will always demonstrate the ability to subject itself to public scrutiny.

Vedant will consistently deliver products and services to meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of its Customers and Principals in ways that ensure sustainability.
• V – Values (Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism).
• E – Engineering, Environment & Employees
• D – Discipline & Dedication
• A – Attentive to Person, Profit, Policies.
• N – Navision (Microsoft Navision ERP System Approach)
• T – Total Satisfaction, Transparency & Training.